2015 winter fun

Lots of fun coming up…..

  • SUN 1.25. Soul Sessions xxiv Ode to Bjork @ EMW Bookstore (934 Mass Ave)
  • WED 2.4. M-Lab | contact @ EMW Bookstore
  • SUN 2.15. Secret Soul [mini soul sessions] @ enquire within
  • SUN 2.22. Soul Sessions xxv Fifty Shades of Love @ EMW Bookstore
  • WED 3.4. M-Lab | time-space continuum @ EMW Bookstore
  • SUN 3.15. Soul Sessions NYC Debut @ Immersive Gallery
  • Fri-Sun 5.8-5.10, The String Quartet Series @ Immersive Gallery with Groupmuse


new and improved

1 o o o  v i r t u e s is a home for the performing arts.  

Since it is no easy feat to grow up in this big bad dream-crushing world, any of us who not only survive but are able to thrive are by virtue a lotus in our own right.

If you are a lotus looking for a place to shine, then come and explore the home of 1 o o o  v i r t u e s.


m-lab testimonials

  • Movement lab is the best exercise class because we do vigorous stuff, relaxing stuff, stretching stuff – but all feel like fun and game instead of work. – Emily
  • Movement lab has been an amazing new experience for me.  I have never had the opportunity to focus on my own body and my own energy, and move through listening and expressing.  Chien-Hwe is a supportive and welcoming teacher and leader, and she guides that level of honesty out of me in ways that other teachers would not, allowing me to be comfortable with this new exploration.  As a result of working with Chien-Hwe, I think I am growing as a dancer and challenging myself in new ways.  This would not have happened without her and without Movement Lab.  So yes, I think this is a class that should always be available and easily-accessible to dancers of all backgrounds and intentions, so that people can come together and learn about themselves and about movement in the same way.  There’s an interaction and a journey in the studio that doesn’t happen in many moments of our day-to-day lives! – Molly Schwartz
  • I am 100% supportive of this opportunity, and would be a regular participant [schedule permitting]. I’ve found it’s hard to find improv opportunities that get dancers to “that place”, and Chien Hwe, your teaching does this for me more easily than any other improv instruction I’ve experienced!  – Katherine Anderson
  • I have taken several theater and movement improvisation classes and I can say that Chien-Hwe’s Movement Lab classes are unique.  Chien-Hwe has the ability to adjust to the level of each student taking the class and to develop a valuable experience for everyone in the class.  Movement Lab also incorporates three elements – freedom of movements, introspection of the inner body and its impulses to move and space awareness – that are critical to dancers, performers and human beings evolving in current society. I would gladly take this class again and it would be better if the class were in the evening.  – Mae Paillet

soul sessions premieres at zuzu 8.31.

You heard it right.  

1 o o o  v i r t u e s teams up with DJ Lotusound at Zuzu on Sunday, August 31st @ 10-12pm (doors open at 9:30pm) for soul sessions xix the lotus garden!  Killer talent, killer beats, killer party, killer show.

Come because you like live music up close and personal.  Come because you like dancers bare their souls in your face.  Come because you like food, drink, and christmas lights.  Or come because you want to give the birthday girl a hug and a kiss and a dance.

Just come!


August shows

  • Fri 8.8. six degrees of separation: obsession in New York City
  • Sat 8.9. six degrees of separation: obsession in New York City
  • Sun 8.10. soul sessions xvi wonder-soul at ootb
  • Sun 8.17. soul sessions xvii oh soul funky!
  • Sun 8.24. soul sessions xviii
  • Sun 8.31. soul sessions xix the lotus garden at Zuzu
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soul sessions goes national!

After dipping my feet into the Boston dance scene 2 years ago, I began to realize that in order for me to dance the way I wanna dance, when I wanna dance with who I wanna dance, for whatever reason, I had to make it happen on my own.  So I had to be starting something.  Inspired by Kelly Donovan’s Third Life Choreographer Series where various companies/choreographers came together to share their work along with RAW: Natural Born Artists fabulous monthly artists party havens as well as Boston’s first ever Punk-Rockin’, Pastie-poppin’ monthly badass burlesque show, soul sessions was born.

It was the day I quit my food industry job (which one?!).  I walked into the gallery out of my growing admiration of xo the dog and of course the artwork and the magical space.  Steve Warren who walked in my yoga class months prior asked me to start something there, “yoga class, dance show, anything!”  I jumped on it.  Weeks later, soul sessions had its first show with members of the 1 o o o  v i r t u e s improv troupe at the time (Katerine, Ashley, Chandra) along with guests Madison Grace White and others.

It grew.  Like any newborn, it needed endless hours of motherly devotion bookended with strong sturdy pure love of sharing a space to just be.  At soul sessions vii, we got bigger.  Badder.  Better.  Then, June’s sessions (I believe it was soul sessions x livin’ the dream) that a growth spurt occurred.  Everyone who was there wanted more, so much that they couldn’t wait a month.

So now, for your inspirational pleasure, we present soul sessions to you on a weekly basis!  And.  And!  There’s been so much enthusiasm that Jacob is bringing soul sessions back home to school with him to start it there.  Soul Sessions | House Parties is born.  Oh!  I’m not done!  Amber is bringing soul sessions to Emerson College.  And if I plant my feet in Los Angeles, you know we’ll be partying it up with nothing but soul over there too.

So.  The moral of this story is…  soul sessions is like candy for your soul.  You breathe in, wave your hands up in there and poof, there we are, #existinglikethis.

Join us this Sunday, August 10th @ 7:30pm at Out of the Blue Art Gallery (106 Prospect Street) for live talent in your face.  #souled #getinsidethelights


Six Degrees of Separation: Obsession

1 o o o  v i r t u e s  d a n c e is the 6th degree in this year’s “Six Degrees of Separation: Obsession,” show.  We will present three duets on the theme of obsession.  Julien Heller joins Jacob Regan and Sean McDonnell in “The chicken or the egg,” a live experiment that takes you on a trip to the origins of identity in this dark duet, Wisty Andres and Jacob Regan share time and space in “The Sweetest Thing,” a meeting of soul mates, and Sasha Lynn and Wisty Andres perform a duet from a larger original fairytale ballet called “Satya: The Girl with the Broken Wings,” in a dark tale of a jealous queen whose out to get the enchanted feathers of a magically quilled baby human.  I’m so excited to premiere these works in New York City this weekend!

Purchase Tickets to Six Degrees of Separation: Obsession


Out of the Blue Art Gallery Benefit

Hello loves,  if you are reading this then you have entered a haven where it is safe to express yourself creatively and artistically.  [Welcome to 1 o o o  v i r t u e s!]

If you haven’t already heard, 1 o o o  v i r t u e s hosts a WEEKLY live music live dance performance party called “Soul Sessions” at Out of the Blue Art Gallery.  And we are fast approaching our 1 year anniversary next Sunday!

Soul Sessions has been a consistently inspiring space for performers of all varieties to come and share their work in an exciting and intimate setting.  We are so grateful for the gallery for providing the time and space to allow us to share our work, bare our souls.

In honor of the gallery (which will be relocating by the end of the summer!), 1 o o o  v i r t u e s will be joining several other local artists at a benefit performance on Saturday, July 26th at both 12pm & 5pm.  Please join us and see what the magic is about!